My Story

I’ve lived in Charlotte since 2005 when I began attending UNCC to earn my bachelors degree.
Like many transplants I’ve put down roots in Charlotte. Just like you, I have a vested interest in seeing
our city flourish. I want to see Charlotte continue to grow as an ever more prosperous place to live,
work, and raise a family in. Having lived here for so many years I ham proud to call the Queen City
my home.

In the time since I’ve settled here I have seen our local government become distracted from the
day-to-day issues that impact the lives of so many fellow Charlotteans. As your Libertarian candidate,
I’m not bound by the standard politics and siloed thinking of Team Republican or Team Democrat. It
often seems that when our politicians have the opportunity to do the right thing, they only follow
through if ti will hurt the other team. These partisan games don’t promote the common good and they
certainly aren’t in the best interest for our many communities.
A desire for a better and kinder politics in our city is what motivates me to work against a status
quo that only seems to serve the few at the expense of the many. We need solutions that are people
focused and community based, this way Charlotte can be a place of opportunity for all.

On Being a Libertarian

The Libertarian Party believes in Free Markets, Free Minds, and Free People. As a Party we hold that
every individual owns themselves and is entitled to determine the course of their own life. It is one of
our most sincere convictions that you have a right to live your life as you see fit so long as you don’t
stand in the way of others doing likewise.

To put it simply, be as liberal as you want to be. Be as conservative as you want to be.
Whatever you choose, don’t try to force others to be like you.

As politics becomes increasingly partisan, it is my belief that the Libertarian Party is a viable
alternative for our city. Ours is a party motivated not by opposition to another team, but seeks to
empower individuals, families, and communities. If any of these things ring true in your heart, join in
the effort to make Charlotte better than it is. We’d love to have you aboard.